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Hats for Heart Month

A new undertaking was initiated at CHI this year. Prompted by Robin Lisa and the participants of the Stitch and Craft Club, hats for preemies were made, both knitted and crocheted. The goal was 100 hats, but CHI exceeded this number by 40, 140 hats in all. In keeping with Heart Health month, all the hats were red. A pattern was found that even those of us who hadn’t knitted in 30 years, were able to follow! The hats were donated to a hospital designated by the Lisa family.

Christmas Eve

Where is Baby Jesus?

On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, CHI held its traditional family service. Rowena and Deacon Chris recited the Christmas story. The choir, both adults and children, sang traditional Christmas carols as well as a variety of carols from other countries. In keeping with past years, the children in the congregation were called upon to fill the creche. But the Christ Child was missing! After urging the children to poll members of the congregation, Baby Jesus was found, placed in the manger and all was well!



Begun last year by Rev. Anne as a small fundraiser, the purchase of paper angels was repeated this year. The angels are a way of remembering at this time of year those who have died. There were many “angels” dedicated to Jutta Sturdevant who left us in July of this past year. Once we all had purchased our “angels”, we went outside to gather around the “tree of lights.” The “tree” remains lighted outside the church throughout the Christmas season.

Christmas Concert

The CHI choir under the direction of Gretchen Bilson-Chiverton performed their third annual Christmas concert in early December. As before, the hymns and songs mirrored the text of the Christmas story. The audience was invited to sing various of the familiar tunes, but there was a wide range of carols from other countries as well. It was a magical evening!

Silent Auction & Wine Tasting

This year’s silent auction marked the entrance of CHI into the world of online bidding! With the help of Cindy Day, all items were posted online before the date of the auction so that people who were not able o attend had a chance to bid beforehand. It was a great success and will definitely be repeated in future! Although this year’s participants did not have a chance to distinguish between expensive and inexpensive wines as last year, there was a good selection and as before it was an enjoyable and educational experience.

Goodbye to the George & Lainie

After many, many years as NJ residents and parishioners of CHI, the Hills are moving to Baltimore. It was a tearful “good-bye” especially in light of the special tribute to them sung by the choir. We wish them the best in their new digs and hope they will return from time to time!

2017 Hegg Awards

The Episcopal Diocese of Newark honored two long-standing members of Holy Innocents Church at the annual Hegg Award ceremony. George and Lainie (Helene) Hill have been members of CHI forever! Their Hegg awards were long overdue! “…Rev. David P. Hegg II was committed to matters of retirement, aging, and the role of seniors in the congregation made him the natural selection in 1991 to revitalize a Diocesan Commission on Aging. These awards are named in memory of the man who led the charge and had the vision that continues to inspire Senior Ministries – Diocese of Newark.”

Goodbye to Rev. Anne & Paul Bolles-Beaven

Choir tribute

Rev. Anne and Paul said their “good-byes” to Holy Innocents before departing for Rhode Island where they have bought a house not far from Newport. Rev. Anne will be near her family and for the moment, both will be attending to renovations on their new house. We have had a deeply rewarding time over the past three years with both Anne and Paul. Both have given so generously of their “time, talent and treasure.” We shall miss them hugely, but we have been so blessed to have these three past years with them! Paul has promised to return to give a piano concert in the fall of 2018 and just maybe, we can rope him in to host our wine-tasting fundraiser in the future!


Men Cook theme

CHI Men Cook was held rather late this year and attendance was a bit lower than in past years as a result. However, the food was awesome and the atmosphere convivial! Thanks to all our CHI men (even though the CHI women may secretly be contributing)!

Stitch and Craft Club

Twice a month, the CHI crafters get together to work on their projects.  Actually, I’m told, one doesn’t even need a craft or project, one can just gather to talk and enjoy each other’s company.  Even so, fingers are busy on a variety of crafts, some of which haven’t been unearthed in years!  They range from knitting and crocheting to needle point, jewelry making, weaving, sewing, just about anything!