Monthly Archives: May 2013

Clean Up Day

Cleanup DaySaturday morning on May 4th saw a crew of CHI workers weeding, mulching, clipping and fixing. George tended to the carpentry work on the front door, Jutta and Rowena tended the memorial garden, Rebecca wielded her electric hedge clipper while Nick took over on the higher shrubs. Frazer and Casey shoveled up bits of driveway that had accumulated over the winter and then took on the mulch pile. Load after load was spread around the cross in the middle of the cemetery while Julie weeded under the expert guidance of Jutta. Elaine C. weeded all around the front of the church staying clear of the one patch of poison ivy she spotted. Later Robin and Mike arrived to clear out the old paint cans that had accumulated in the shed. It was an energetic and productive crew who all deserve a great vote of thanks for keeping the church surrounds beautiful.

Jutta’s new car

New carJutta has a new car teasingly referred to as her new Mercedes. This is a monumental event as it replaces a vintage Volvo that was older than many parishioners!
Elaine L. is now driving and singing in the choir after her shoulder injury!