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Car Wash and Bake Sale

Car WashOn arriving just before 10 am on Saturday, September 21 a dejected CHI crew was to be found having discovered that Seton Hall Prep was holding a car wash just across the street.  Not only that, but West Orange High was also holding a car wash.  Nevertheless, the group rallied and for the next four hours had a fairly steady stream of cars.  (Check out the photos on the Photo page.)

Both kids and adults were energetic in their efforts to lure cars and we did have a few non-parishioners who were attracted by their efforts and possibly because we charged half what Seton Hall charged.  We also had an assortment of cookies, Rice Krispy treats, brownies and popcorn. Everyone chipped in to help with the washing, even those whose cars were being washed and the event turned out to be quite a success despite the competition.