Monthly Archives: November 2013

Organ Repairs

Check out the following video of Jim repairing the organ bellows.  The white areas are leather strips which he has glued onto the frame.  The patches around the corners that he is working on are gussets.  Once the glue has dried, the whole bellows apparatus is hoisted up high on a shelf in a closet in the undercroft.


Here is another view of how the bellows works.

Benjamin’s Baptism

How many babies do you know who seem perfectly happy to have water poured over their heads?Baptismal cake  I suspect very few, but Benjamin has to be one of the happiest babies in all of history.  He seemed to thoroughly enjoy the event especially when sister Emily read a poem and lit the Paschal candle. We all gathered at the family’s house after the service and stuffed ourselves with Janie’s delicious pasta along with several entrees from Due Amici, a special celebratory cake and sinful cupcakes!