Monthly Archives: January 2015

Annual Parish Meeting

The annual parish meeting finally took place on January 25th. Highlighted in many of the committee reports was the inspirational leadership of Rev. Anne and the extraordinary growth of the choir over the past year. The budget for 2015 was reviewed and passed unanimously. For the first time in several years, expenses were met without the need to draw down from our endowment. Holy Innocents is on a sound financial footing and is ready to expand on our outreach to the community. Three new Vestry members were elected and resolutions of thanks were adopted for outgoing Vestry members.

A potluck feast followed with the usual magnificent assortment of yummy dishes. No one could possibly accuse CHI parishioners of stinting on food!

Rev. Anne’s Sermon on Martin Luther King

The best laid plans gang aft agley! Our scheduled annual parish meeting to be held on Sunday, January 18th was forestalled by black ice. Church was cancelled as even walking much less driving was extremely hazardous. Into the freezer went a host of casseroles intended for the event. However, Rev. Anne saved the day by recording her sermon on Dr. Martin Luther King for all parishioners. You can find her sermon on the SERMON page.