Monthly Archives: March 2015

Rev. Anne’s Anniversary Celebration

Anne laughingOn Saturday, March 7th, Rev. Anne celebrated the anniversary of her ordination. The church was packed with her family, her clergy friends including Bishop Beckwith, and former and current parishioners. One person noted that he had never seen so many turned around collars in one place before in his life! Rev. Poppe gave a delightful recounting of Rev. Anne’s ministry and the choir was magnificent. We all wined, dined and made merry afterward in the undercroft. To honor Rev. Anne, CHI gave her a gift certificate for the repair of her very tattered Prayer Book.
There were some tense moments in the week preceding when we realized that the huge piles of snow would prevent many people from parking in the church driveway. Fortunately, the Seton Hall parking area across Prospect was made available and with the help of Ian Sanderson, Bob Chiverton and the West Orange Community Police Dept., all the cars were accommodated.