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CHI Men Cook 2015

The theme this year was BASEBALL, specifically opening day of the baseball season. The men didn’t limit themselves to hotdogs although we had some with mac and cheese and fries. As in past years, the fare was varied and delicious! Even Nick (from the choir) got into the act with smashing sloppy joes. The other Nick took a break from his famous fish fry to serve up a meatloaf flavored with molasses. We also had an amazing peanut butter soup with rice balls that was “melt in your mouth”. Another “melt in your mouth” was Paul’s pulled pork which was indescribably delicious as was Bob’s prime rib, Anthony’s sausage and peppers and Warren’s macaroni salad. The hit of the night, however, might just have been George’s Snickerdoodles. Impossible to have just one! (Check out the event on the Photos page.)

Holy Week and Easter Sunday

Foot Wash3

Foot Wash2

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are arguably the most solemn days of the Christian calendar. A year or so ago, Holy Innocents began the practice of foot-washing during the Maundy Thursday service. At first greeted with some reluctance, it has become an integral part of the service and most congregants participate. At the end of the service the altar is stripped as the lights are turned low and the sacrament is carried to the altar of repose.

The Good Friday service is equally moving as the the gospel according to John is read. This year Nana read the narration, Elizabeth read the part of Pilot and Nick was Peter while the congregation read the crowd parts. A wooden cross was brought out and placed before the stripped altar.

Easter Sunday was glorious! Flowers graced the altar and were placed around the church. The pews were packed and the choir was magnificent singing along to the accompaniment of wind and string instruments.
The traditional egg hunt brought out packs of children and the pot luck feast afterward was worthy of the finest fare! What a happy day! (Check out the happy egg hunters on the Photos page.)