Monthly Archives: October 2015

Catching up to Fall, 2015

Much has happened at Holy Innocents since our auction last May. Our church school children were celebrated in June at their last day with gift certificates to enjoy over the summer. We said “good-bye” to our choir members at the end of June as well although several continued over the summer as part of a “pick up” choir.

The Hope Gardens, the brainchild of Patti, were launched and blessed by Rev. Anne. An abundance of veggies, herbs and flowers were planted and thrived thanks to the efforts of the CHI parishioners, especially Patti and Daniel with Ben helping to water the garden. There were squashes, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes and even a greenhouse (see photos.) The fall harvest showed up in casseroles at coffee hour!

Rev. Chris conducted many of the services over the summer while Rev. Anne enjoyed a summer vacation. Rev. Anne, however, was on hand to baptize the youngest member of the Lisa family (see photos) and also conducted a house blessing for the Raimondi family.

Our 10 am services began after Labor Day and choir rehearsals began once again on Wednesday evening and before the service on Sunday. We celebrated fall with our traditional picnic and welcomed our children back to the church school.

October began with the traditional pet blessing (see photos) and ended with the TGIF Werewolf night. Nick once again organized the game and kept the “townspeople” guessing. The evening featured pizza, popcorn and ice cream with prizes allotted for best costume. Casey’s “Maleficent” was far and away the most dramatic!

CHI also participated in the soup kitchen at Holy Trinity during October and helped gather hats, scarfs, mittens and blankets for Rev. Chris’s shelter. Each week donations of food are continuing to be collected for the Holy Trinity and St. Agnes food pantries.