Monthly Archives: December 2017

Christmas Eve

Where is Baby Jesus?

On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, CHI held its traditional family service. Rowena and Deacon Chris recited the Christmas story. The choir, both adults and children, sang traditional Christmas carols as well as a variety of carols from other countries. In keeping with past years, the children in the congregation were called upon to fill the creche. But the Christ Child was missing! After urging the children to poll members of the congregation, Baby Jesus was found, placed in the manger and all was well!



Begun last year by Rev. Anne as a small fundraiser, the purchase of paper angels was repeated this year. The angels are a way of remembering at this time of year those who have died. There were many “angels” dedicated to Jutta Sturdevant who left us in July of this past year. Once we all had purchased our “angels”, we went outside to gather around the “tree of lights.” The “tree” remains lighted outside the church throughout the Christmas season.

Christmas Concert

The CHI choir under the direction of Gretchen Bilson-Chiverton performed their third annual Christmas concert in early December. As before, the hymns and songs mirrored the text of the Christmas story. The audience was invited to sing various of the familiar tunes, but there was a wide range of carols from other countries as well. It was a magical evening!