Servers’ Schedule

November, 2018

Date First Lesson Chalice Usher
11/04 Robin Lisa  Lucy Walton Gifty Mensah
11/11 Donna Graham Nana Somuah Ebe Ogbonna
11/18 Rev. Wilma White Rowena Duran Debbie DeLorenzo
11/25 Ajay Thomas Lucy Walton Julie Day
12/02 Linda Stark Nana Somuah George Grey
12/09 Robin Lisa Rowena Duran Ebe Ogbonna
12/16 Rev. Wilma White Elaine Loveless Gifty Mensah
12/23 Donna Graham Lucy Walton Debbie DeLorenzo
12/24 Elaine Corrao Lisa Johnson Robin Lisa
12/30 Ajay Thomas Nana Somuah Julie Day

If you are unable to fulfill this obligation, please contact someone else on the list to see if they are able to switch.  Then make sure to EM>IL Susan at so can change it in the Sunday bulletin.
USHERS: Please remember to open the outside doors that face Prospect Av. keeping the inside doors closed during cold weather. The offering should be brought to the altar after the anthem is sung and the choir is back in their seats.
CHALICE BEARERS: Please arrive at church early enough so you have time to prepare the altar and light the candles.
Thank you for your continued service to CHI!