The Churchyard

CemeteryFor generations the Holy Innocents Churchyard has been the peaceful resting place of members and friends of the parish. The towering oaks and flowering shrubs create a calm oasis in our suburban neighborhood.  It is a place of solace for many families in our community.  A Memorial Garden can be found just adjacent to the cemetery.

The Memorial Garden
The Memorial Garden is a lovely stone terrace edged with flowers and shrubs where cremains may be interred among the plants without an urn or grave marker. A stone-capped wall is inscribed with the names and dates of those interred.

The Cemetery
Families or individuals may purchase lots or single plots in the cemetery to which they have access in perpetuity. Urns with cremains may be placed in the ground and headstones mark the graves.

Can a casket be buried in the cemetery?
The Vestry adopted a policy several years ago to offer only burial of cremains.

 Are services held at burials?
Yes, a graveside service will be conducted for each interment by the priest of Holy Innocents or an individual chosen by the priest. Families who wish to bring their own clergy are welcome make arrangements with the priest of Holy Innocents.

How are graves marked?
The town requires that all headstones be flat and flush with the ground to maintain the park like character of the churchyard. Family members may make arrangements for the cutting and setting of the stone with the engraver of their choice. Holy Innocents may also provide recommendations if requested.

How are the Cemetery and Memorial Garden funded?
The operating budget of Church of the Holy Innocents provides repair and maintenance of the cemetery and memorial garden. Additional donations from families and friends are requested for major repairs and upkeep.

What are the costs of burial in the Churchyard ?
Every effort is made to keep the costs minimal. Please contact the office for a list of the fees.

When may I visit the churchyard?
The Churchyard is open 24 hours each day, so that you may visit the grave of your loved ones anytime you wish.

How can I talk to someone about purchasing a plot or a burial?
If you would like to see the space or explore the purchase of a plot, please contact Church of the Holy Innocents at 973-731-0259.  Although the parish secretary is in the office only on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, messages are monitored on other days and emergency calls will be returned.

You are welcome to stop by at any time to enjoy the tranquility of this sacred place, to sit, rest or pray. We welcome our friends who bring picnics to the Churchyard.