Lay Leadership

Wardens and Vestry (The governing body between annual church meetings)
Senior Warden: Patti Neil
Junior Warden: Robin Lisa
Treasurer: Dave Carson
Clerk of the Vestry: Robin Lisa

Vestry Members:
2018 Class: Arlene Morris
2019 Class: Mary Bloschock, Martin Cowart, Elizabeth Engelberth
2020 Class: Janie Carson, Bob Chiverton

Susan Martignoni, Parish Administrator
Gretchen Bilson, Music Director and Organist

Committee Chairs
Worship: Elaine Corrao
Buildings and Grounds: Michael Lisa
Christian Education: Lisa Johnson
Communication: Rowena Duran
Hospitality: Lucie Walton
Fundraising: Arlene Morris
Outreach: Elaine Loveless, Janie Carson

The Wednesday Morning Group

Every Wednesday, a group of people meet to oversee the care and maintenance of the church and worship services.  Their tasks range from changing light bulbs to preparing the altar for Sunday services.  Often people drop in for coffee and to share in the work.